to provide a solid grounding in Alarm Installations and Fault Finding.

Fact: Alarm Engineers are like GOLD DUST... hard to find.

Here in the UK, the alarm industry is short of trained engineers.

I discovered this truth forty years ago when I struggled to find engineers to employ in my fledgling company. So, I came up with a solution, I began to train my own and I have been doing that ever since. Forty years of experience teaching young people a new skill.

Over the years I have amassed a collection of training-plans, notes, sketches and diagrams but rather than wastefully discard them, I have decided to modernize and restructure these lessons so that they are readily available to everyone.

I have enjoyed putting this course together and I will especially enjoy knowing that young people will benefit from my work long after I have retired.


Prior to starting my own alarm business in 1981, I had been a telephone engineers with GPO Telephones, a Government department and an off-shoot of The General Post Office. I was happily employed for twenty years but then, just like many do, I needed a change of direction.

Why did I choose the Alarm Industry?

A good friend, Tony, worked for a security installer and from time to time I would assist with his ‘foreigners’ – helping with his private, unofficial work. I began to see ‘alarms’ as a business opportunity and it didn’t take long to convince myself. I resigned from my Civil Service job, registered the company name... I was now ‘self-employed’.

Is the technical side difficult?

With my previous technical experience, I discovered alarm circuits and the inter-connections presented few challenges – straightforward, basic, even. However, I soon realized that I knew little about the industry and no one in the industry knew me. I knew nothing about the insurance companies, the police, the governing body, the accreditation process – in short, I had a lot to learn.

What about the practical side to installing?

If I found circuits and inter-connections simple enough, I knew hardly anything about installing cables. However, in my domestic life I was good at DIY - plumbing, woodwork, decorating, drilling and fixing. Acquiring the skills, learning how to run cables, conduit and containment were well within my ability. Without a doubt, it helps if you are practical.

Despite feeling a little vulnerable and having no work at this time – I was optimistic.

I needed help

I had been self-employed for only six months when work picked up and I realised I needed assistance. So, I placed an advertisement in a newspaper and waited for Thursday, job-advert-day, to come around. Yes, a newspaper - remember, we are talking about 1982. The job title read: ‘Wanted School-leaver/Apprentice - train to be an Alarm Engineer’.

My first trainee

Of the eight applicants interviewed, I opted for a sixteen-year-old Elvis fan – swept-back hair and a collection of Elvis’ singles. Dean learnt very quickly and we got on well - to this day we are pals and still meet for a drink and a catch-up.

I needed more help

Soon after, my good pal Tony joined us (remember Tony?)... we became a team of three.

One year later

The next two youngsters to join the company were both sixteen-year-old, school-leavers, Richard and Ian.

Possibly My Best Engineers

I consider Dean, Richard and Ian to be amongst the best-trained engineers to pass through my company and this is probably because throughout their training I was with them ‘on the tools’ – they couldn’t get away with a thing (chuckle).

Incidentally, forty years on, all three are still in the industry. Dean is a ‘Key - Account’ sales/surveyor, Richard is a Director with his own business and Ian also runs his own security firm.

Why are young people so valuable.

In answer to the above … because they are keen to learn; have young minds and absorb things quickly; are physically fit and willing; eager to prove themselves.

Proud of their newfound skills, they will often remain with a company for many years.

The Objective

The course objective is not only to teach installing, servicing and fault-finding but also to help you become the front-runner in the race for a job interview.

Become the front-runner... but how?

Training will give you the competitive edge... I am sorry if that answer is obvious but it is obvious for a reason – I will explain. Let’s look at this from a business owner’s point of view.

I disliked interviewing for the following reasons:

  • It is time-consuming – time is at a premium.
  • I warm to people; I enjoy meeting, talking, getting to know the candidates and then, inevitably, have to disappoint them all... it is not a nice feeling.

So, how do I avoid this?

  • I read the CVs and the resume’s and select just four applicants for interview.
  • Only if all four are unsuitable will I invite another to come in.

In this way, I minimize the time spent and the feeling of guilt.

Imagine how I would respond if...

...within your Resume, you told me you had taken a training course, that you were capable of wiring and connecting a working alarm including all of the most commonly used devices. Furthermore, you have been instructed in the principles of servicing and fault-finding ... WELL!

You would be the first interviewed and, just possibly, the only one.

To assist you, I have included...

Not everyone is a good letter writer so included is a sample/template letter you may wish to use – please modify and alter as you wish

Also, we will issue a Course Participation Certificate. This will outline the lessons covered.

I trust you will find this helpful.

It is important to say...

I wish it could be otherwise but neither I nor anyone else can guarantee a job – only you know your capabilities and level of determination – only you can judge the likelihood of success.

My wish

Over the past forty years, I have been involved in the training of approx. one-hundred and thirty engineers. I love the thought that this work will continue.

This Course

Once into the training, you will discover the fundamentals are easy to grasp. Everything in the course is set out clearly and concisely and the diagrams are bold and colourful. Everything is narrated, explained.


"I have moved on to the sales side of things but I still value my tech-trade skills. I know that I was a good engineer because having worked for several companies both large and small, I was able to compare the training. Ron (and later Tony) trained me personally. It was one-to-one training - truly, you can’t get better than that."



"I first met Ron as a schoolboy on a work experience placement and joined his company as a sixteen-year-old apprentice a year later. Ron taught me the importance of working to a standard; being proud of what I know and of what I do - and that has stayed with me. I now run my own successful security company. Although mightily busy, I enjoy it all."


Dean and Ron Circa. 1982

I mentioned earlier that Dean and I met after he responded to a newspaper advert.   Dean has gone on to work for several companies including the largest security company in the world - with a nudge, he called mine The smallest security company in the world.   My light-hearted response was to tell him that he hasn’t done too badly from the experience. 

young ron and young dean

Course Content

Let me remind you that the lessons are designed for those starting from the very beginning. Read through the list – you will get a feel for the end-of-course attainment level.

Course content under construction

Video 1

Welcome and Introduction

Lesson 1

The Magnetic Reed Contact

Lesson 2

Design; House Ground Floor Layout

Lesson 3

Design: House First Floor Layout

Lesson 4

The Input Circuit

Lesson 5

The Double-pole Circuit

Lesson 6

The Double-pole Circuit in Depth

Lesson 7

The Control Panel Architecture

Lesson 8

Supply and 12volt Distribution

Lesson 9

Diagrams: Schematic / Block / Wiring

Lesson 10

Adding Contacts to an Existing Contact

Lesson 11

Lesson Pending

Lesson 12

Lesson Pending

Lesson 13

Lesson Pending

Lesson 14

Lesson Pending

Lesson 15

Lesson Pending

Lesson 16

Lesson Pending

Lesson 17

Lesson Pending

Lesson 18

Lesson Pending

Lesson 19

Lesson Pending

Lesson 20

Lesson Pending

Lesson 21

Lesson Pending

Lesson 22

Lesson Pending

Lesson 23

Lesson Pending

Lesson 24

Lesson Pending

Lesson 25

Lesson Pending

Lesson 26

Lesson Pending

Lesson 27

Lesson Pending

Lesson 28

Lesson Pending

Lesson 29

Lesson Pending

Lesson 30

Lesson Pending

Course scheduled for completion/release
 Autumn 2024

Immediately the course becomes available, we will send you an email.

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